Why choose Yes Horses for the ultimate learning experience for you & your horse? 

Yes, sometimes it is because of an accident. 
Yes, sometimes it is from seeing too many bad things done to horses and thinking, there must be a better way! 
Yes, sometimes it is because we saw the Parelli Team live at an event and realized... I WANT to do that too. 

Commencing in 2020 YES HORSES is looking at coaching and mentoring horse owners and those interested in being with horses in whatever way that you want. You may be interested in improving your Dressage efforts utilizing the Balance Rider, the Mighty Broncy, and or the Tele Rein system from New Zealand. And I am combining all this with the mentoring of Happy Horse Happy Life. 

But first, why did this all start?

My journey with natural horsemanship started in 2002 after seeing the Parelli team at Equine Affaire in Columbus. I was following the John Lyons' program at that time... and I liked that I could control my horse... but I didn't know what I didn't know – CONNECTION and RELATIONSHIP. 

In 2007 I quit my job... and headed for 6 weeks at the campus in Florida. And for the first time, as those weeks went by, my horse started to LIKE me, and want to be with me. So much so that when I asked my friend, Ale from Costa Rica, to watch her one day while I walked away from the Parelli liberty play pen, Ale started screaming to me to come back because Salina was about to jump out and follow me. WOW - that was quite something. 
And when we got home, this National Show Horse RBE mare that never came to me, turned away from the feeder and walked right to me. That was such a heartfelt moment for me (aka- made me cry). I had this mare for over 10 years at this point and she had never done that. And then, for the first time ever .... I mean really, ever ... she started to lie down - not on command but because she felt safe and comfortable enough to do it. I LOVE Parelli for these gifts I receive from my horses. 
So, why natural horsemanship ...a good question. Yes, I had control with her (remember RBE—fast/out of control— YIKES) so control was great. But I now have connection—Yes, I would even call it love. Trusting, honest, forgiving (because I am human and still make mistakes :-((  And I have 6 other horses that are building up their comfort, safety, and play levels to allow others to enjoy and learn from them as needed.t are building up their comfort, safety, and play levels to allow others to enjoy and learn from them as needed. 
I was a school teacher and then a rehabilitation consultant helping people in their life goals in my prior life and I love to learn AND I love to share what I am learning. If you want to understand the WHY of your horse and how to gain that knowledge, say YES.

Talk with me about what might be in this for you and your horse—just say YES!

Call me 519-777-9468 or email Remember, talking is FREE!

So... what's jAN Brooks' objective?

To teach people horse-man-ship skills...naturally. To allow a connection with their horse that they knew was possible. For you to become a partner with your horse. To allow you to solve problems your horse may be having and develop excellent manners from your horse. And to learn this by starting on the ground and transferring all this knowledge base to the saddle. 

Your horse is looking for a leader. Wouldn't you like to say "load up" and your horse willingly and happily jumps into your trailer asking: "where to?" 

Through natural Horsemanship this is achievable. AND SO MUCH MORE...

jAN has decided to commit her own learning and any training she offer to being "natural". Horses are already natural. It's us, the owners, who need to learn. And as we learn we will teach our horse to be natural with us, to become our partner through connecting in the language of the horse. We need to learn on the ground and teach our horse there so the horse translates that knowledge to when we are in the saddle. 

Imagine a sidepass or leg yield or piaffe successfully done with less than one ounce of leg (touching only the hair) and looking (with refinement in your "minds eye") where you want the horse to go - and IT HAPPENS. You will learn that and so much more.

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